From the Desk of Principal

Dear Students,
We welcome you, The first step towards grooming some well trained professional lies in the thoughtful implementation of the core curriculum that can set them apart from the crowd. Institution must not prepare its students only to gain employability, but to achieve excellence that can assist them in crossing thresholds of life with utmost brilliance. The objective of any educational institution should be to create a well-informed and thoughtful vision and developing a rational perspective for its students to follow. With numerous rewards and honors for our diverse institutional setups that host a versatile academic structure, the institute is being recognized for its vigilant and well thought-out implementation of its core educational curriculum formulated on the lines of the emerging industrial needs and global trends. The academics at VGOI revolve around practical learning through project work and provide students with ample opportunities to excel in numerous professional spectrums. At Vijay Group, the focus is to c technologies and professionals the benefit the local and global commun welcome you to visit the College cam gain a better understanding of our and vision that are already nurturing of the 21st century, "To Succeed in your mission, you mus single-minded devotion to your goal"

I wish you all the best!
Vijay Memorial College of Education