Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Course is an four year under graduate degree in hospitality management. The Programme will comprise 8 Semesters viz, I to VIII. The Programme equips students with all the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibility in hospitality sector The programme also involves in depth laboratory work for students to acquire required knowledge and skill standards in the operational areas of food production, food and beverage services, front office operations and house keeping. After successful completion of the course students will he awarded a degree in bachelor in Hotel Management of Sardar Patel University, Mandi.

Course Structure

Eligibility – 

B.Sc. Computer Science course is affiliated to SavitribaiPhule Pune University.

Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Science stream or its equivalent Examination as per the Himachal Pradesh University of eligibility norms.

First Year
First Semester Second Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Paper Code Paper Title
1 BHM-101 Front Office Operation 1 BHM-201 Hotel Housekeeping-II
2 BHM-102 Hotel Housekeeping-I 2 BHM-202 Fundamental of Tourism & Tourism Product
3 BHM-103 Basic Food And Beverage Services 3 BHM-203 Food And Beverage Service Operation-I
4 BHM-104 Basic Food And Beverage Production 4 BHM-204 Food And Beverage Service Production-I
5 BHM-105 Food Microbiology and Nutrition 5 BHM-205 Hotel Engineering
6 BHM-106 Communication and Soft Skills 6 BHM-206 Basic of Computer
7 BHM-107 Practical 7 BHM-207 Practical
8 ENV S2A ECC02 Environmental Studies
Second Year
Third Semester Fourth Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Industrial Exposure Training(IET)
1 BHM-301 Advanced Front Office Operation-I 1 Completed WTO Sheets
2 BHM-302 Hotel Housekeeping Poeration-II 2 Industrial Training Report
3 BHM-303 Food and Beverage Service Operation-II 3 Industrial Training Log Book
4 BHM-304 Food and Beverage Production-II 4 Industrial Training Project (Report) Presentation
5 BHM-305 Hospitality French 5 Viva
6 BHM-306 Hospitality Sales & Marketing
7 BHM-307 Practical
Third Year
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Paper Code Paper Title
1 BHM-501 Front Office Management-I 1 BHM-601 Front Office Management-II
2 BHM-502 Advanced Accommodation Operation-I 2 BHM-602 Advanced Accommodation Operation-II
3 BHM-503 Advanced Food and Beverage Service Operation 3 BHM-603 Food and Beverage Controls
4 BHM-504 Advanced Food and Beverage Service Producation-I 4 BHM-604 Advanced Food and Beverage Service Producation-II
5 BHM-5 05 Principles of Management 5 BHM-605 Hotel Law
6 BHM-506 Hotel Accountancy 6 BHM-606 Travel Agencies and Tour Operator Operation
7 BHM-507 Practical 7 BHM-607 Practical
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
# Course Code Course Type Course Title # Course Code Course Title Contact Hours
1 BHM-701 Theory Specialization-I 1 BHM-801 Specialized Hotel Treaning 22 Weeeks
2 Practical BHM-702 Specialization-I
3 BHM-703 Theory Specialization-II
4 BHM-704 Practical Specialization-II
5 BHM-705 Theory Principles of Marketing
6 BHM-706 Theory Personality Development and Soft Skill
7 BHM-707 Theory Enterpreneurship