BBA and related programmes at UG level offer a comprehensive understanding of business environment and management functions.This course also helps student to learn leadership qualities and develops their problem solving abilities which are much required in today's competitive and complex business environment. If you wish to pursue your career in management, the BBA programmes offer you an opportunity to enter the working environment early in your age, ence making you financially independent also. BBA Degree will help you build a business management career and give you a head start against those without the degree The BBA degree could open the door to the business world. Now when you lool around, everything is a business - even traditional sectors like hospitals and education. .

Course Structure

Eligibility – 

B.Sc. Computer Science course is affiliated to SavitribaiPhule Pune University.

Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Science stream or its equivalent Examination as per the Himachal Pradesh University of eligibility norms.

First Year
First Semester Second Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Paper Code Paper Title
1 BBA0101 Business Orga. & Management 1 BBA0201 Business Law
2 BBA0102 Financial Management 2 BBA0202 Business Stastistics
3 BBA0103 Business Economics 3 BBA0203 Business Environement
Elective Sunject (Any One)Elective Sunject (Any One)
4 BBA0104 Business Communication 4 BBA0204 IT In Management
5 BBA0105 Business Mathematics 5 BBA0205 E-Commerece
Second Year
Third Semester Fourth Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Paper Code Paper Title
1 BBA0301 Financial Management 1 BBA0401 Cost Accounting
2 BBA0302 Human Resource Management 2 BBA0402 Organization Behavior
3 BBA0303 Marketing Management 3 BBA0403 Producation & Operating Management
Elective Sunject (Any One)Elective Sunject (Any Two)
4 BBA304 Money & Banking 4 BBA0404 Fundamental of Insurance
5 BBA0305 Indian Financial Management 5 BBA0405 Marketing Research
6 BBA0406 Sales & Advertising Management
7 BBA0407 Enviromental Studies(Audir Based Course)
Third Year
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
# Paper Code Paper Title # Paper Code Paper Title
1 BBA0501 Management Control Techniques 1 BBA0601 Strategic Management
2 BBA0502 Company Law 2 BBA0602 Indian Business & Economy
3 BBA0503 Treaning Report and Viva-Voice 3 BBA0603 Project Report & Viva-Voice
Elective Sunject (Any Three)Elective Sunject (Any Three)
4 BBA0504 Retail Management 4 BBA0604 International Trade
5 BBA0505 Project Management 5 BBA0605 Enterpreneurship Development
6 BBA0506 Investment Management 6 BBA0606 Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
7 BBA0507 Management Information System 7 BBA0607 Taxation Law